frequent questions

Why is it worth choosing an individual walking tour with one of our guides?

Our guides will not only take you to the more and less well-known places along the chosen route, but will also tell you the hidden stories about them that will make your visit truly unforgettable. You will not need to get your map or guidebook out every minute to find the places you are looking for. We will make every effort to make those few hours spent with us pleasant, fun, and fill them with stories and interesting facts from various periods in history, so that you will really feel you know Warsaw after the tour is over.

Where will we meet the guide?

We usually have an agreed starting place for our walking tours. We select easy-to-find and recognizable places in Warsaw, and we will provide instructions of how to get there from where you are staying. If you wish, we are also happy to meet you at your convenience at a starting point of your choice.

Is the route of the walking tour fixed?

We always try to be flexible. If you are interested in some specific period of history or wish to get to know a particular place in more detail, we can tell you more about it or take you to other places, away from the selected route. We can also combine routes, and if necessary take you by car or public transport.

Will the guides also help us during the rest of our stay?

Of course! Our goal is to provide you with the best impressions of your stay in Warsaw. Our guides will always hand you their business cards and contact details, and if you have any problems after the tour is over, please contact us and we will provide any help we can. We can also help you find accommodation, advise you on where to eat, what exhibitions are worth seeing, and what clubs will give you the best flavour of Warsaw's nightlife. We are also happy to answer your questions about Warsaw, whether or not you choose  our services.

Will I be able to contact you in a language other than Polish?

Our group includes professional interpreters and language graduates from the University of Warsaw, and they make full use of their language skills in their work as tour guides. They are friendly, used to working with foreigners, and at the same time really passionate about Warsaw!

Why is it a good idea to reserve my tour as early as possible?

We are not always able to accommodate every tour date and time requested. It is also possible that our foreign-language guides may already be booked for another tour. The earlier you are able to reserve the date and time for your tour, the more certain you can be of fitting it into your plans.