A stroll through the ages

the “red” centre, the Saxon Gardens,
Theatre Square from the times of the Polish Kingdom,
and the Old Town.

Our starting point is one of the most striking symbols of Warsaw, the Palace of Culture and Science, which was a gift from Joseph Stalin, where you will find out how the height of the building was established. Near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier we will  tell you about  the enormous orthodox cathedral which was once situated next to it. You will also learn about the war between ancient financial powers and their really royal palaces. Moving on, we stroll through the beautiful Saxon Gardens, where the most audacious deception of the Warsaw Uprising took place. We reach Bank Square, where we will tell you all about the “bloody” Felix Dzerzhynski  monument, which no longer stands there, and we will show you where our Mayor of Warsaw works. We will turn into Theatre Square, show you where frightens former king Stanislaw August Poniatowski’s lover and where the king was abducted from. You will also find out what happened in a place once called “the small hell”. Than we reach the Old Town and on the Old Town Market Place, where once started the “black procession”, we will finish our tour.